Felipe Filgueiras is a human visual artist from Brasil, working its interspace with the alterning results of blurred lines between digital and physical; artificial and biological reality. Focused on researching expressions of visual narratives that consrtuct a non-linear body of individually coagullated, yet co-related works. Explores paths of representations of the cosmic and unknown, signifying hes own practice as an influx of immaterial energies and systems in a rhizomatic way. Image archivist, and nature lover. Collage-minded software mesher. Paracosmic traveller, and internet diver since early days. Has been working and developing digital art alongside projects like The Wrong Bienalle, Avakin Open Call, Hold Residency, Interface 01, Solo Show and other internet-based art collectives. Articulates its recent work on the tezos network, as a newcomer to the NFT space. Researching and experimenting with the Hic Et Nunc and Objkt as main platforms.

Current: Resident Artist @ VCA Vertical Crypto Art